North Wales Wedding Photography
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Chateau Rhianfa Menai Bridge on Anglesey is one of the most amaZIng wedding venues not only in North Wales but indeed the world. It sits on the edge of the menai straits and is a Chateau with the most beautiful interior and grounds. A wonderful hair and makeup artist called Nina Wren asked us if we would be willing to meet her at the venue to photograph a friend of hers with hair styling and makeup done by Nina Wren and also head pieces designed and made by Nina. This is the first time we have EVER shot a bride not in the heat of the actual day in real was such a change, great to pause and plan lighting with more time and to think poses and settings etc with time but actually I think we love the pace and excitement of the real wedding day itself more... its the adrenaline rush. we were really pleased with the results however and got to be a little more "off the wall" with styling, hair and makeup.

Location: Chateau Rhianfa Beaumaris Rd, Menai Bridge LL59.