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Engagement shoots


Couples decide to have engagement shoots for lots of different reasons. Sometimes and most commonly it is because couples can be a little nervous about having their photo taken and they aren't quite sure how they will photograph. Sometimes it is to provide the basis of images for a "save the date" or table numbers for their wedding breakfast and sometimes it is just because they can and they want to and they have always wanted lovely shots in a special place or with their children or a special pet ...or even better they have always fancied dressing up in 1940's style and using retro skates roller skating down Llandudno promenade like Vic and Jamie did. We don't mind why. All our couples who have an engagement shoot receive a free large mounted print (of their choosing) to use as a signature board on the day of the wedding.

How does it work?

The first thing we do is choose a location. Couples normally choose a location that means something to them: which means that we end up in woods, on mountains, by streams, in funny old cafes, on bumper cars, some couples prefer to stay indoors in our studio. Once the location is agreed we agree on a time. I am always after amazing light so I tend to go for early evening but if this is impossible for you we will work around it. Then we either meet at our home for a cup of tea and to go to the location together or we meet there. And then we start shooting.

You can wear exactly what you want to, to suit the environment or to give a juxtaposition.... and some girls like to do it the same day they have a makeup trial...just an idea.

The idea is to get you relaxed in front of the camera so we tend to have a real giggle and although we may start by helping guide you gently into poses this soon fades as you become more and more at ease and by the end you will not believe quite how much you are enjoying it and how relaxed you will become and of course this means the images of the two of you will be amazing.

If you want to bring your children or indeed pets this is fine by us. What is sometimes a good idea with this is if you bring a trusted member of family or a friend to help. We would tend to shoot with them first and then let the helper take them off or amuse them so that we can get some of just the two of you too.

After the shoot...normally within 2 weeks we send you a digital file of around 30 hand edited beautiful images which you can use as you like. We ask you to pick one for us to print and mount for you to use as a signature board at the wedding.