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In honesty we are not normally asked that many questions. Generally brides and grooms who love our style are prepared to go with it. They hopefully read the reviews on “Feel the Love” and having read these and the written information we send out with a price list they seem both confident and happy with what they are going to receive both in service and images.

However we have made a list of the questions we may have been asked at some point or indeed would ask ourselves having had a bit of an insider insight into how the wedding business works and we are always really happy for any one to ask everything and anything that comes into their heads as they plan.

What is your pricing? And where can I get details on it?

Our pricing is ordinarily very different to other wedding photographers.

We give you a price for full day or half day coverage but this is NOT a "start" price or a price just to turn up and take photographs BUT INCLUDES at the end all the worked on images (for details read below as this takes approximately 50 hours after the day for us) in high resolution that you can copy/print and share with all your family and friends. We believe morally that you should have an end product for your money and you get one, so in reality our price is everything included. This makes us therefore incredibly competitively priced. There generally is absolutely no need therefore for an online gallery from which you and your friends and family may BUY images because YOU HAVE THEM ALL...hurrah!!!!!!

We send/email price lists out as soon as we receive an enquiry along with a visual leaflet (by mail) and information on how we work. We don't list our prices on here because rates do vary dependant on days of the week and different months of the year... Winter and Summer basically. Destination weddings are different as well. If you would like to obtain pricing details for your wedding simply contact me by phone, message or by dropping me an email and I will let you have the information by return.

Please be sure you understand when booking any wedding photographer exactly what you are getting for your money and what you will end up with for their "start" price and what it may actually cost to get everything you actually want.

How would you describe your style? And what shots do you take?

This is a complex question to answer. I think we have a distinct style which jumps out at you and you will love it or not, as a general principle I want everything, including you to look the very best you possibly can. Alongside the classic story telling photographs (shot in a mixture of reportage style, traditional with a twist and contemporary ways) throughout the entire day I also take images that I consider to be quite out of the ordinary. First, during bridal preparations I take studio quality “beauty shots” of the bride, her bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party present. These in themselves are quite extraordinary and make excellent gifts; second my “hero shots” are really very special, they will undoubtedly be the most beautiful photographs of yourselves you have ever seen, but they may not be every ones cup of tea, some people like brutal reality, I prefer beautiful fantasy. In photography as in life I strive to make things as gorgeous as possible. These “hero shots” are different and other photographers do not take them, they are innovative pieces of Art and to produce them requires me to work creatively with a very good set of cameras and lighting and often props BUT I think this is more than worthwhile as it satisfies my creative urge - we previously worked in the Fashion and magazine industry in London - and this enables me to flex my creative skills and you to have something quite special and different.

On a practical level we normally arrive 2 hours before the service to start photographing rings, flowers, spontaneous getting ready and the beauty shots we talk about. We then head to the service and capture this. Dependent on whether the service and reception are in the same location dictates what happens next. Normally the bride and groom mingle with guests to say hello, have a much needed drink and then we either do family shots followed by some time alone with you, or vice versa. Sometimes the "hero shots" are at the venue sometimes we nip to a location. Whichever you want. We then photograph your wedding breakfast room before everyone enters (time allowing) and then leave you to eat. Once the eating is done we are up and capturing speeches and then of course cake cutting, first dance and partying. We normally leave when the evening buffet start as the party quietens a little then but with arrangement we sometimes do a few romantic sunset shots dependant on the time of year and light.

Do we meet up before the day itself?

It is important for me that I get to know you a little before the day and actually that you get comfortable around me and my wife Debbie, (she is my assistant and “camera monkey” on the day) so that I can learn a little bit about your dreams for the day, how you interact together, your family and friends and the type of images you like and indeed if there is something you don’t particularly like about yourself that I should take account of when photographing you. The ideal way to get to know each other is through an engagement shoot but if you choose not to have that this it is fine and we organise a nice get together before the big day where over a glass of wine a beer a coffee or tea we talk through the day and your plans.

Do you edit all of our photographs?

After the wedding day all images go through post production, I spend about 50 hours making sure each and every image is the best it can be. They are all edited by hand one at a time not batch bulking in groups or mass-producing the results. This is an invaluable stage in the process as it enables us to enhance the images and create beautiful / different looks including a mixture of sepia, vintage, retro, HDR, black and white. I do not work on just the images you want in the album, I work on them ALL, so that every image is as fabulous and magical as it can be… this is rare and exceptional.

How many pictures will we receive?

You can end up with anything between 350 and 500 + worked on images (dependent on day length, weather etc.). On the rare occasion where weddings may only be the two of you or up to about 15 people less images may be appropriate, we can discuss this more when planning your day.

Importantly at the end of this I give you the high resolution disc or We Transfer you all of the edited images on (not just a slide show quality disc) You can print unlimited photographs from this, up to the size of a wall rather than the size of a postage stamp, and I don't mind, in fact I really love you putting them on Facebook (if you like) as I am proud of each and every one of the images. Every single image is worked on and gorgeous.

Do you have an assistant or a second photographer?

Yes, absolutely! My wonderful wife Debbie comes with me to weddings to assist me. She is at times in the day a second photographer but her skills go a long way beyond this, she does everything from holding lights, carrying props, helping arrange families at group photo time to entertaining children, sewing dresses, ironing shirts and anything that will help”team bride” on the day have the best time ever. She is fabulous, funny, highly skilled but don’t listen to me, read the reviews in “Feel the Love”.

We want to take pictures in an awesome location nearby are you happy to move away from the venue?

I want to take photos in awesome locations too…so yes. Having said which most of the venues we work in have super cool locations within them. We are game for most things just tell us what you fancy and we will work it out with you and within your timings for the day.

Can we have the raw unedited images?

No sorry they are not available for viewing or purchase. I once read another photographer describe why so well, she said that it is like asking your caterer to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner! The images selected and then hand edited are those that meet my very high standards.

How does the album design process work?

If you choose to have a storybook album, and most couples do, then I design each and every one individually. I do not use a template. Astoundingly YOU get to choose around 130 of your favourite images to go into this and then it is printed in a stylish, modern, quality, lay flat A3 style that you and all your family and friends will love. We can even print you repeats and smaller version ones as presents at minimum cost to you if you should like. We can talk about albums after the day and give you all the different album options and pricing options. Most popular at the moment is a “Fashion” style magazine of your wedding. We can show you all the albums available when you come to view and pick up your finished images. We appreciate budgets can get a bit tight so a lot of our couples do their albums as a first anniversary present and this is fine.

Do you have insurance?

Yes absolutely 100% don't worry about that.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top line professional Canon equipment and carry quite a few back ups. We also love lighting, lighting is the key for really great photography . We really always carry far too many cameras and lenses and although this is great for you and the photographs and I am getting great biceps its hopeless for my camera monkey.

Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Yes we can if need be although we are never asked for this.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed?

Wow I have been taking photographs since I could hold a camera and worked in a dark room and paste up studio for many years, (things which really don't exist anymore) longer than I would care to say. I moved from London to Wales 18 years ago and started to seriously move my photography to weddings about 8 years ago, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and really do remember each and every one of them, although I do rely on my wife Debbie to remember names when we meet people, I remember faces, suits, locations all the things I see through the camera.

Can you hold a date for me?

I'm so sorry, but I can't hold the date or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone I can't "hold" a date without the £250 deposit. I accept bookings on a first come first served basis. When we receive a deposit we assume you agree to our contract as printed on the website and we put you into the diary and that date is yours!

What is your payment schedule?

A deposit of £250 is due to reserve your date. You then pay the remaining balance 12 weeks before the wedding day.

Can we pay you part of the amount after the wedding?

I require full payment before the event. However albums and payment can be discussed any time after the day up to the first year anniversary of the wedding day.

If I need to cancel my wedding is the deposit refundable?

Please read the wedding contract for specifics, but the general answer is no, once the deposit is paid it is non refundable. The deposit guarantees that I'll hold the date exclusively for you and once you have paid the deposit I assume you agree to the contract details (as printed on the website) and I turn down all other commissions on that date.

What if you die?

If I die I will not be at your wedding! This would be very sad and my wife may well fall to bits ! However despite this I feel confident she would do everything she could to try to find you another photographer for the day, but of course this is never guaranteed. At a bare minimum she could provide you a list of other professional photographers for you to contact.

When should we book you for our wedding?

ASAP. Since I can't hold the dates or pencil you in dates are booked when dates are booked.We get around 6 enquiries for every date we can do so you want to jump in as fast as you can. Some weddings are booked 3 years in advance and some 2 months only.

If we're running late, will you stay later than you were scheduled?

One thing we are known for is being very easy going and flexible and as long as it isn't crazy mad late yes of course we will go with the flow AND without charging you any extra. If on the rare occassion we do also have another wedding the day following yours we would need to leave by 21:00 latest.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

It would be really lovely of you if you did. But we don't really expect it. It wouldn't have to be what your guests are having just a light snack to try to prevent us falling in a crumpled weak heap on the floor would be fab! if it's not possible please just give us a heads up and we will bring a picnic. Please let the venue know if they are going to feed us it will need to be at the same time as you eat because we don't photograph people eating (it's not attractive!) but as soon as you stop eating we are back up and at it.

Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras?

Of course they can, it's your wedding day and we don't mind as long as you don't. Its a good idea that when we do family photos they don't all jump in straight away as I would love you to be looking at my camera not all of them when they are taken but I don't mind them snapping away from the background. The one time I don't allow family of friends to come along is when you do the "hero shots" of you alone for privacy purposes and because frankly other people can be a bit distracting.